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WE ARE AGILE!!!!! Train to become a PSM at the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY Contact: PMO@PROJECT-GENERAL.COM +6281288071558

WE ARE AGILE!!!!!   Train to become a PSM at the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY 
Contact: PMO@PROJECT-GENERAL.COM +6281288071558

WE ARE AGILE!!!!!   Train to become a PSM at the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY
Contact: PMO@PROJECT-GENERAL.COM +6281288071558

Professional Scrum Master TM (PSM) training demonstrates the requisite tools and frameworks to competently use Scrum methods every day in a team environment.

The training covers a broad understanding of basics of SCRUM and demonstrates a practical approach. The goals of the training encompasses team dynamics, team motivation, conflict resolution, and improved planning and estimation.

The two-day course includes advanced topics: use of Scrum at an enterprise level, designing retrospectives, tools and techniques with mechanics supporting a Scrum project.

The training consists of several practical exercises and case scenarios – all aimed to improve the participants’ learning. The Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) assessments assist in creating a deep understanding of core practices and values of SCRUM, and demonstrate that certified holders have the ability to effectively respond to complex situations that challenge them.

You will learn

·       To use SCRUM framework and mechanics
·       To motivate and lead a team of Scrum specialists who bring the advantages of Scrum to projects
·       The empirical foundation of Scrum
·       By acting as Scrum Master by understanding the servant leader model
·       To resolve conflicts and tackle challenges
·       To facilitate the changes Scrum requires in the organizational setup

·       2 day workshop conducted by industry experts
·       Learn behavioral shifts required for increased effectiveness of Agile
·       Real world servant leadership AGILE model
·       Get hands-on experience by applying the Scrum framework to real projects
·       Get a deep knowledge of the fundamental aspects, roles and attributes of Scrum
·       Ensure personal and organizational growth with professional training

You will also get:
·       Intensive and interactive workshop training
·       14 Professional Development Units (PDUs) / 14 hours training with certificate
·       Exam prep support and training from industry experts
Contact: PMO@PROJECT-GENERAL.COM +6281288071558 

PROJECT GENERAL  will be at #SYMEX2019 in Bali, Indonesia.  I will show our new book on #AGILE 

Accomplish more with less stress. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY manages projects in Indonesia.

Accomplish  more with less stress. More work, less stress. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY manages projects in Indonesia.  www.project-general...