Wednesday, September 27, 2017


IT Project Management is a complicated role that requires balancing the business needs and objectives of multiple stakeholders. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY qualified project managers have extensive experience in technical projects along with a keen understanding of industry specific needs. Our focus is to ensure a successful implementation of your solution and to provide project leadership.
Through years of successful management, The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY has developed a global center of excellence that drives consistency across training, delivery, tools/methods and professional development.  Our project management methodology combines industry best practices from PMI along with industry specific and local country tailoring. There is a defined career path established for our project managers that includes certifications like PMI (Project Management Institute).  This worldwide focus ensures that the same high level of service is delivered to each customer.
Whether your project involves self-service, security, front-office integration, cross-channel convergence or custom development, our project management professionals will work with stakeholders to ensure a smooth partnership.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Accomplish more with less stress. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY manages projects in Indonesia.

Accomplish  more with less stress. More work, less stress. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY manages projects in Indonesia.  www.project-general...