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Lean Coffee

Use this when you need to meet but are having trouble with an agenda or you want to increase team participation in a standard meeting.  The Project General Company can help. www.project-general.comLean Coffee from The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY// cool AGILE tools//// Lean Coffee.
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Sunday, May 26, 2019



On an ongoing basis, enterprise organizations decide to deploy IT assets in an internal data center, facility, hosting environment, or cloud solution. These decisions may not holistically view the financial, risk, performance, or other impacts. 

FORCSS enables the management of an enterprise organization to identify, weigh, and communicate the advantages and risks of IT applications deployment options using a consistent and relevant criteria based in business drivers and influences.

FORCSS helps the enterprise to overcome this challenge by focusing on the critical selection factors, thereby reducing or eliminating unfounded assumptions and organizational “blind spots.” FORCSS establishes a consistent and repeatable set of
evaluation criteria and a structure to communicate the informed decision to stakeholders.
A coherent IT deployment strategy is often difficult because the staff responsible for IT assets and IT services across multiple geographies and multiple operating units are themselves spread over multiple geographies and operating units. The result can be a range of operating goals, modes, and needs that are virtually impossible to incorporate into a single, unified deployment strategy. And when a single strategy is developed from the “top down,” the staff responsible for implementing that strategy often struggles to adapt that strategy to their operational requirements and environments.
FORCSS was developed to provide organizations with the flexibility to respond to varying organizational needs while maintaining a consistent overall strategic approach to IT deployments. FORCSS represents a process a) to apply consistent selection criteria to specific deployment options, and b) to translate the outcome of the key criteria into a concise structure that can be presented to “non-IT” executive management.
Not all solutions can be cookie cut.
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Friday, May 17, 2019


The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY and Jonathan Kine are proud to be part of a second book. INDONESIA THROUGH DIFFERENT LENSES, co-written by 18 people of 16 nationalities (Indonesia, Germany, France, Panama, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Sweden, Sudan, Mongolia, Hungary, India, Canada, Malaysia, USA), will be launched on May 3rd, 2019. We are honored to have a chance to collaborate with 14 Ambassadors and 3 professional friends to promote Indonesia’s tourism. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, Jakarta in collaboration with The Ambassador and CEO club are excited by this book and helping Indonesia. 18 Co writers, 16 Nationalities. (All proceeds will go to charity). Order INDONESIA – The Book?
Written by 18 people of 16 nationalities to promote Indonesia’s tourism. To order: WA: +6281293685985 e-mail:
More info:

Monday, April 1, 2019

All project stakeholders have a different perspective. Leverage your stakeholders and get automatic early identification of risk factors. APO/AMI . Learn more:

All project stakeholders have a different perspective. Leverage your stakeholders and get automatic early identification of risk factors. APO/AMI . Learn more:

Monday, February 25, 2019

Using tools to predict project failures before they happen, based on human behaviors

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, Jakarta is a Project Management Consulting firm in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We manage projects using PMBOK, AGILE, and ISO -21500 project management methodologies.  We are not involved in the NJ Transit project we are discussing in our blog, yet we believe that it can be a learning tool for others in our industry as well as Government officials, and people interested in good project governance.

We are writing this blog post as an independent evaluator of the issues in the NJ Transit train line Atlantic City route project. The NJ Transit line was shut down for a safety upgrade in Sept, 2018.  The train line shut down in order to install a federally mandated”... rail safety measure known as Positive Train Control, a task long completed".

The next step in order to restart the train services was to have a safety inspection "federal rail association” and restart service in early January, 2019. Here is the primary source of information in this blog post:

In any infrastructure project we mange at The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY we follow strict compliance processed tied to the latest version of PMBOK (currently PMBOK 6), with hybrid project life cycles allowed. Additionally our PMO is a directive model PMO with Center of Excellence form of PMO.

The art and science of PMBOK 6 is not only the mature process grouping and the in-depth widely accepted knowledge areas, it is in the AGILITY and feedback allowed in the planning and execution process groups.  A key to PMBOK 6 (or any older version of PMBOK) is the concept of progressive elaboration.

Progressive elaboration involves continuously improving and detailing a plan as more detailed and specific information and more accurate estimates become available. Progressive elaboration allows a project management team to define work and manage it to a greater level of detail as the project evolves (source PMI). As the project evolves, the project can and should adapt, hence, a key part of agility is met: ADAPTATION.

However, progressive elaboration, is not the root cause of the issues in the case of the NJ Transit Atlantic City line. It appears that multiple failures occurred in the areas that are well defined in PMBOK 6.

We observe failure in the following knowledge areas: Project Integration Management, Project Schedule Management, Project Communication Management, and Project Stakeholder Management.

The first issue noted, is in the project integration management knowledge area. In PMBOK 6 the integration knowledge area is ignored, or not well managed as it appears that the running (integration) parts of the project don not seem to work well as the shut down and the startup or the train did not happen on time. The safety upgrade work has occurred, but the Federal inspection process for safety has not happened, and the train is shut down without a clearly defined date for restart of the services.

The same issue impacts the schedule management knowledge area as we cannot answer when the train services to Atlantic City will resume.
Project Management firms measure the data side of any project: Scope, Schedule, and Cost. Yet the most critical failures of this specific project are rooted in the human side of the projects.

The Stakeholder Management and the Communication Management failures are overwhelming. We are seeing the late term project failures in this project, we see the angry stakeholders, we see the project sponsors and owners showing up to a meeting without a PA system, without answers, in a building without heat to scream at angry stakeholders and to scream at other stakeholders.

How could these issues be prevented?  Firstly, it appears the project was not well planned or executed. That is clear and a relatively easy fix in the future by managing, and implementing the recommendations from the lessons learned from the process and execution parts of this project.

What is not so easy to fix is the human side of the project management.
In Jakarta, we focus on research based project management, for example Leon Kappelman wrote about: the EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF IT PROJECT FAILURE: THE DOMINANT DOZEN.  According to Kappleman IT project risks can be grouped into the three general categories of social subsystem risks, project management risks, and technical subsystem risks (Wallace, Keil, & Rai, 2004), or simply people, process, and product risks, respectively). Kapplelman wrote about IT projects, and at The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, we believe that all projects failures primarily fall into the social subsystem (human side), and process (as the NJ Transit project) and then technical issues lastly.

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY approaches a project with the early warning signs of project failure in mind. We use tools, including people tools (training) and system tools that ensure process compliance and project governance that meets the strategic needs of our firm for internal clients, and the strategic needs for our clients if we are running an external project.

For example, The PROJECT GENERAL Company manages projects in Indonesia using Automated Project Office (APO) and Automated Insight (AI).  APO/ AI Advanced Management Insight is produced by Computer Aid, Inc. APO/ AI is a project governance tool that works with most major project management software (Primavera, MS Project, and SAP. APO/AI does not replace the tools you have and enjoy, it enhances them and does things they are not able to do.

For example, APO/AI measure the process side of the project (governance), and it measures the human side of the project to predict failures before they happen.  As Kappelman calls then, the social subsystems where projects fail the most. APO/ AI is the only product on the market that predicts project failures before they happen based on process and human failures.

Please feel to contact The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, JAKARTA for more information:
The PROJECT GENERAL Company manages projects in Indonesia using Automated Project Office (APO) and Automated Insight (AI)
The PROJECT GENERAL Company manages projects in Indonesia using Automated Project Office (APO) and Automated Insight (AI)Click here for more information on APO/AI:

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The Project General Company, Jakarta, PMP Certification flow

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY offers  PMP Certification training in Indonesia.

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY clients enjoy our unique training proposition.

Included in our PMP Training classes

Portal Access

1. Pre-test
2. Chapter Tests
3. Downloadable flash cards
4. Downloadable class presentations
5. Get Printed Study Guides
6. Get original PMP PMBOK and AGILE books (ENG)
7. Get Project General study tips and tricks
8. Get and create PMP study plan
9. Get Project Flow6 Online Game for design thinking

After classroom ends

1. Portal access open for one year after first login
2. Get unlimited PDU's for 1 year with ITMPI registration (free for one year)
3. Follow up with
4. Lifetime access to Instructors
5. Lifetime access to Project Flo6 design thinking game
6. Update your study plan

Our offer is unique, world class, and value driven.

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY manages projects in Indonesia and trains project managers.

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Essentials of Project Management course - The Project General Company, Jakarta

Essentials of Project Management course - The Project General Company, Jakarta

I am writing to share some exciting news.  Our PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY partners have repeatedly requested an introductory level Project Management course and we’ve decided to build it!

In the first quarter of 2019 we are launching the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY Essentials of Project Management course - The Project General Company, Jakarta.

The course is geared towards working professionals who are interested in entering the project management field, are part of a project team, or will be overseeing a project.  Think of it as a fundamentals, introductory or “essentials” course. It will focus on four practical skills needed to successfully execute fundamental project management tasks and cover these themes:

·       Project Management: The Discipline and the Profession
·       Planning and Balancing Project Work
·       Executing, Controlling, and Closing the Project
·       Strategic Value of Projects

This two-to-three day course is a perfect complement to the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY System for PMP® Exam Preparation.  

It’s designed for candidates who don’t yet meet the PMP requirements or are new to the field of project management and  it would also make an excellent first course in a Project Management certificate program.

If you’d like to learn more about the PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY Essentials of Project Management program, please email us: or call +62 812 8807 1448

The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY Jakarta, Trains Project Managers for PMP Certification, PM fundamentals, and AGILE Project Management.

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Thank you DCD APAC Data Center Dynamics Jakarta for the opportunity to present using FORCSS for error prevention in Data Centers 19 - June -2019.

Thank you DCD APAC Data Center Dynamics Jakarta for the opportunity to present using FORCSS for error prevention in Data Centers 19 - June ...